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Dick Bradsell opened The Player in September 1998 and made it into an instant classic. For a while it was the only place in the West End that made a decent drink if you were tired of getting past that idiot on the door at The Atlantic.

With its late lounge, below-ground atmosphere and brilliant drinks, The Player soon became the hidden gem of London's rediscovered cocktail culture and a favourite of the local music, film and fashion crowd. It was always good for an early evening livener or late night reviver. Dick held court for a year or so but after almost three years of ups, downs and turnarounds, the doors finally closed in June 2001. Gone for good - our favourite little lounge bar in Soho.

One of the originators, a place where great drinks were invented, women arrested, morals affronted, romances started and marriages ended. We had to do something.

So, after three months and a little refurbishment (don't fix what ain't broke), we reopened the joint in October 2001 and now, with some serious help from the King of Cocktails, Mr Dale DeGroff, we have great pleasure in welcoming you to The Player.



Monday is Quiz Night

Every second Monday we host the Popbitch Popquiz - a mix of music trivia, salacious gossip and pop lore... and there's popcorn and plasticine too. Brilliant.

Rock up from 7 for a 7.30pm start. We keep some tables for pre-booking and some for walk-ins. To reserve your spot email comp@popbitch.com. There's a £5 per person cover charge with some great prizes and also some crap prizes and we're usually done by 9.30ish.

Posted on July 11, 2013

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